3 Tips to Save Your Relationship – When He's Ready to Leave You Today

Published: 16th July 2010
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Dear reader, are you experiencing the painful realization that your relationship might be in serious trouble? Have you had this sudden awaking that your relationship is falling into pieces? Do you have serious doubts that you were the one to blame? Is your man ready to leave you or has he already gone? If your relationship needs urgent help, this will be one of the most important articles you will ever read:

3 Quick Tips to Make Him Stay:

Tip # 1: Be Unaffected

When a man wants to leave the relationship, he expects to see drama, arguments, anger, tears, accusations, and even begging. All these strong reactions confirm to the guy that he has made the right decision. This is what's going through a man's mind when he sees a woman being affected by his decision to leave.

Gee, she must be desperate. I'm probably the best guy she has ever had. If she has other options or better guys, she would not act crushed by my wanting to leave."

Showing a man that you're strongly affected by his decision will only make him more determined to leave. On the other hand, if you act unaffected by his decision, this is what's going through his mind:

"Who else is she seeing right now? Why isn't she upset with me wanting to leave? She must have someone else lined up. I need to stick around and figure out what's going on."

The more unaffected you're, the more he will question whether he has made the right decision. See, the thing is he feels he has the right to dump a woman, but when a woman wants to dump him, all hell will break lose.

Tip #2: Don't Ask Why

A man hates explaining. Period. He doesn't want to explain anything, especially the reasons why he wants to leave. Asking a man "why" won't help the situation at all. He's ready to leave and he doesn't want to discuss it. Even more, when you ask a man why he wants to go, you fall right into his expectation of a desperate woman who doesn't want him to leave.

There's no use asking why. In fact, there's only one reason why a man wants to leave. It's because the attraction is not there anymore. In most cases, the attraction has been missing for a while, but a man, as an animal of habit, will stick around for a bit longer, until he has someone else lined up.

Most guys won't break up with a woman, until they've found someone else.

So, when he wants to leave, appear unaffected and give him the impression that you have other guys interested in you, and you don't even want to bother finding out why.

Tip #3: Make Him Doubt His Decision

When a man is ready to leave, you want to make him doubt his decision. You want to go through to first plant the seeds, and later, deepen his suspicion that he has made the wrong decision. To achieve this goal, you want to do 2 things. First, avoid doing anything that will confirm his decision. And second, you want to start doing things that make him question his decision to leave.

On my popular love advice site, you'll learn the exact steps to follow to make him seriously reconsider leaving you. The funny thing is that once you make a man doubt his decision even for a second, that doubt will snowball into significant hesitation. The trick is to plant the seed the right way at the right time. To learn more about how to accomplish this goal, click 77 Secrets of Love and learn the most cutting-edge tools to transform your love life. Visit Unforgettable Woman Dating Advice for a free ebook as a special bonus, when you visit today. The offer is for a limited time only.

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