Body Language Decoder: How to Read Men Like a Book

Published: 27th March 2009
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Let me start this article by asking you a few questions: Have you ever felt frustrated because your man just won't give you straight answers? Are you annoyed when he tells you, "Nothing is wrong," and you KNOW something is DEFINITELY WRONG? Have you ever wondered what he is REALLY thinking and what he's not telling you? Why can't a man just tell you what he's REALLY feeling? And why do they have to get annoyed or defensive when you ask them? Wouldn't it be great if men just came with a user's manual that tells you exactly how to READ them?

Understanding a man's body language is a huge advantage for a woman. If you could read men using subtle clues, you would be ahead of 99% of women who are confused and frustrated by men in the dating world. Imagine what beating 99% of your competition will do for your love life. Here are 3 body clues you can immediately use to read a guy ...

* Where does His Upper Body Point To?

A guy may be talking to your best friend or joking with his guy friends to avoid looking too obviously interested in you. But there's one thing that will always reveal his true intention - where his upper body points to. A man's upper body is the best indicator of his romantic interest in a woman. If you notice that he points his chest and shoulders towards you, congratulations! You may have just found someone who can't wait to have a tête-à-tête with you ...

* The Long, Hard Stare

All right, this one is tricky because two groups of men do this: (1) the players definitely do this (along with 300 other things that they know would work on women), and (2) the men who are so enamored with you that they can't look away (think about the look startled rabbits give). Because these two groups of men have quite different agendas, I highly recommend a woman not to get too excited about the long, hard stare from a sexy guy. Take some time to get to know him and do a few simple tests you can use (I'll talk about this topic another day) to find out what group he is in.

* And finally, the true test for a man who really, really, really likes you ...

The spark in his eyes, no matter what you say. The frequency of the sparks you see in his eyes is a true indicator of a man's interest. If you only see the sparks a few times over a 3 hour dinner, you know it's time to get another entrée and eat all you want because the chance is he probably won't take you out for a second date. If you see the sparks shine throughout the night, you know he's really into you. This is how I see it: The spark in a man's eyes mirrors the fire he is feeling inside for you. The bigger, the better ...

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