How Long Do You Have to Wait to Tell a Guy You Love Him?

Published: 27th March 2009
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Have you ever felt this burning desire to tell a guy you love him? Do you have the fear that the guy may not love you the same as you love him? How long should a woman wait before she tells him that she has fallen for him? Should a woman just go with her heart and say it the first time she felt it? If you are curious about any of these questions, read on to find out how long you should wait before saying the L word ...

In one of my previous articles, I've talked about this concept of dating in the same time frame as the guy. This means, having the relationship move at a pace that the guy is comfortable with. If he's just getting to know you, it's not wise to discuss how many kids you want to have. If it's only the second date, it's best to avoid the topic of your perfect wedding.

Women fall in love much faster than men do, especially when you are sure that he's perfect for you. It can become deadly unbearable to hold your feelings when you know you two will be perfect for each other. But, and this is a Big BUT, I think it's in a woman's best interests to look for the following signs before she says the L word.

The following signs are indicators that a man is in love or is falling for you. When you notice these signs, you can go ahead and say the L word loud and clear ...

Sign #1: He spends more time emotionally bonding than physically bonding with you.

If more than 70% of your time with him is in the bedroom, the time for the L word has yet to come. Before a man falls in love with a woman, he has to EMOTIONALLY BOND with her. This means that you two spend a lot of time talking, sharing each other's interests, talking on the phone, and going on romantic dates. If the guy has spent significant time emotionally bonding with you, he is either in love or on his way.

Sign #2: You've talked to his mom on the phone.

Although not all guys are like this, but a significant number of men are fairly close with their moms. They won't want to wait for long to tell their moms, if they've found the perfect girls. If you've talked to his mom on the phone, that's great news!

Sign #3: You've met his best friends.

A man is competitive by nature and likes to make his guy friends feel jealous about the hot girl he is dating. If your man loves to show you off, it's a clear sign that he thinks of you very highly and considers you a catch. This might just be the green light you need before saying the L word ...

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