What is it about Nice Girls that Guys Don't Like?

Published: 27th March 2009
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If you've ever read Why Men Marry Bitches, you'll know that nice girls are having a hard time in the dating world. It seems like nice girls not only get brushed aside by bitchy women, they also get tossed aside by the men. Have you ever wondered what it was about nice girls that guys don't like? Read on to find the answer.

I call it the Nice Girl Syndrome. This means some characteristics that some nice girls have that just kill, kill, and kill the attraction. Here are 3 examples:

Nice Girl Syndrome #1: Being a Yes Girl

Although nobody likes someone who argues and disagrees with everything, you should never be a Yes girl, especially with a guy. During the early stage of a relationship, if a guy knows that he's got you exactly where he wants you, the thrill is gone; the challenge is gone; the excitement is gone; and he's gone ...

Nice Girl Syndrome #2: Always Letting the Guy Have the Upper Hand

From my experiences, a relationship is healthiest when the two parties involved have equal negotiation power in a relationship. A healthy relationship is never one-sided where one person gives, gives, and gives, while the other person takes, takes, and takes.

When you always let the guy have the upper hand, you've shifted the relationship dynamic to an imbalance that's at the least unhealthy and at the most detrimental to the development of the relationship. And the worst part is the guy won't appreciate you one single bit for letting him have the upper hand ... Not worth it!

Nice Girl Syndrome #3: Putting Up with Nonsense From a Guy

Never think that being nice and considerate will stop non-acceptable behaviors from a man. Once a guy realizes that he can get away with a lot of things, that's when your priority on his list drops from #1 to the bottom and you start to see bad behaviors show up on a regular basis. Set things right from the start! Stop the nonsense at its first instance ...

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