Where is the Best Place to Look for Love?

Published: 27th March 2009
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Before I tell you my answer, I want to know what you think is the best place to look for love. Match.com? Date.com? Singles clubs?

Here's my answer: the best place for love is no place in particular.

This is what I mean. Do you remember the financial advisers have always said, diversify, diversify, and diversify your portfolio? Yup, same here. To have the best return for your man-hunting, you have to diversify, diversify, and diversify. Don't keep going to one place, one source, and one friend to fix you up. You need a variety. Here are my top picks for the best places to look for love: I would recommend spend equal amount of time in each category ...

Spot #1: Online Dating.

Online dating saves you time, money (think about how much money you spend when you go out), and resources, if done right. The trick here is to (1) know exactly what you're looking for, (2) have a few questions you ask to filter out the ugly frogs with criminal backgrounds (such as asking the guy to send you multiple pictures, not just one and checking to see if his stories add up), and (3) always meet in public for the first few dates. But don't let this suck up all your time, because you need time to ...

Spot #2: Ask Friends and Family Members to Fix You Up.

These people tend to know you pretty well and want to watch out for you, this is a huge advantage. Don't be embarrassed to ask around! You're born to be in love and make a cute couple with a gorgeous guy, so go for it!

Spot #3: Places Where People with Similar Hobbies Go To

A woman looks her best when she is engaged in something she's passionate about. If you really like something such as hiking, camping, or reading interesting books, join a club or an organization that gathers people with your interests. Make sure it's not "Women Only" though! I know you love your hobby, but I have a feeling that you'll love sharing your hobby with a cute guy more :) It's like being in love TWICE!

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